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Module designed and coordinated by Professor Pierre Paradinas, CNAM / INRIA
This year Smart Card software session is dedicated to the main event in term of technology for smart card:
the Java Card 3.0.

The session will be designed with the important participation of the Java Card Forum and its partners, and a tentative session with available and real card is planned...

This session is dedicated to a very large attendees, from Java Card specialist who want a deep introduction to the new specification and a developer of Web application within smart card.

Who should attend:
This session is dedicated to a very large category of attendees: Java and Java Card developers, Technology Consultants, Application architects, Technical managers

What you will learn:
You will understand Java Card Specification and how to program on Java Card 3.0

Key topics:
Java Card 3.0 - Smart Card Web Server - Security

The agenda will be:

SEPT. 16
9.00 am - 12.30 am
• Introduction: Pierre Paradinas, Inria/Cnam, France
Session 1: Java Card 3 Technology
Java Card 3 Overview
Eric Vétillard
, Trusted Labs, France
Evolution of the Java Card Framework and Security Model
2.00 pm - 5.30 pm
Session 2: The Web: from Server Rooms to Pocket-Size Devices
Basics: TCP/IP, HTTP and Servlets, JavaScript and AJAX
Gilles Grimaud and Simon Duquennoy, USTL/INRIA/CNRS
Smart Card Web Server: The First Generation
Franck Dehlinger and Patrick Enjolras, Gemalto

SEPT. 17
9.00 am - 12.30 am
Session 3: Java Card 3.0 Connected Edition
The Java Card 3.0 Web Application Model
Laurent Lagosanto and Patrick Van-Haver, Gemalto
Security of Java Card 3.0 in the context of Web Applications
Pierre Girard and Benoît Gonzalvo, Gemalto
Deployment of Java Card 3.0 Web Applications
Olivier Potonniée, Gemalto
2.00 pm - 5.30 pm
Session 4: Hands-on session

Anki Nelaturu
, Sun Microsystems  

  - Getting ready with NetBeans and JavaCard development kit.
  - Create a simple Hello World and run it using Reference Implementation (RI) with a few clicks.
  - Adding more Servlets
  - Adding security constraintsInteractions with Users and Other Servers
  - Application Collaboration
  - Using various new APIs
  - Creating extended Applets
  - SIOs
  - Interaction between Extended and Web using SIOs 
  - ... and so on...

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