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Smart Mobility at a glance


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10.15am - 12.45am Plenary - Opening session: Supporting the Growth of Mobility and Digital Security
12.45am - 2.00pm Lunch - Networking - Exhibition
02.00pm - 06.15pm 2 parallels:
• Ecosystem
: Smart Mobility Technologies & Infrastructures
• Applications: Telecom, Media & Content Services
04.00pm - 04.45pm Coffee break - Networking - Exhibition

Supporting the Growth of Mobility and Digital Security

Moderator: Thomas Skordas, Deputy Head of Security Unit - INFSO/MEDIA DG, European Commission

During the Opening session, the keynote speakers will deliver a refreshing talk on innovative strategies, technologies and standards leading to a secure digital and mobile world. Information storage, online/on the air transactions and digital identity management have still to be proven secure and dependable to live up to the customers’ and citizens’ expectations. They take up the challenge!

20 years and still getting smarter”- Dr Walter Weigel, Director General, ETSI
The audience is invited to a journey in the digital security history, from the initial smart cards, where the Smart Event took its roots, to its future perspectives combining high performance and security.

Smart cards to secure a connected World
The emergence of a safer and more mature Internet” - Jacques Seneca, Chairman, Eurosmart
At the times of the “Internet of Things”, security still appears as a weak point of the Internet today. Solutions exist and they are presented here.
Why new mobile services are a major issue for emerging countries” - Mung Ki Woo, Vice-President Payment Contactless, Orange
Highly secure yet flexible mobile services can be built on SIM cards and GSM Orange has taught us. More lessons will be shared.

e-ID borderless

"e-ID interoperability in a pan-European context” - Karel de Vriendt, IDABC Head of Unit, European Commission
"Establishing End to End Trust" - Jan Muehlfeit, Chairman Europe - Microsoft Corporation

Perspectives on Digital Security research

”Digital security future: main trends of research” - Jacques Stern, Chairman, French National Agency for Research:
After a review of the main strategies, technologies and standards that are shaping the emerging digital security solutions, let us have an outlook on the day after tomorrow. The best is still to come.

 Technologies & Infrastructures

Moderator: Hendrik Berndt, CTO, DoCoMo Euro-Labs

This session covers the technology developments and trends central to bring trust to the convergence of IT, (Mobile) Telecoms and Smart Security. NFC is on top of the agenda, through key topics such as m-payment, over-the-air security management, platforms evaluation, deployment… The wider question of trust in mobile devices and architectures is also underlying presentations on access control and smartcard web server.
 Telecom, Media & Content Services

Moderator: François Daoust, W3C Mobile Web Initiative

Mobile content services are one of most fruitful Smart Mobility applications. This session analyses these new applications (multimedia, mobile TV, mobile Internet, email, etc.) with a double focus: firstly on security issues which involve trust, privacy, risk management… and secondly on market acceptance, in particular the keys to meet customers’ expectations.

• Acceptance of Mobile Marketing in Finland

Mari Ervasti, Research Scientist - VTT TECHNICAL RESEARCH CENTRE OF FINLAND, Heli Helaakoski - Research Scientist

• Mobile Email for The Mass Market

Carsten Brinkschulte, CEO - SYNCHRONICA

• The Challenges of BCAST in the Ecosystem of Mobile TV

Sylvestre Denis, Advanced & Innovation Product Manager - OBERTHUR TECHNOLOGIES

• Securing the New World of Mobile TV

Fevzi Çakmak, Director of Market Development - Mobile - IRDETO

• Enabling the Mobile InfoTainment Universe via Device Recognition

Paul Nerger, Vice President, Advanced Applications & Services - DOTMOBI

• Improving End-User Experience and Reducing End-User Cost for Mobile Multimedia and Mobile TV Applications


Mobile Web: Trust starts with a few best practices

• SIMplyCity: a new NFC System for the Mobility of Citizens

Carlo Maria Medaglia - UNIV. LA SAPIENZA, Biader Ceipidor, A. Moroni, S. Sposato

Smart Mobility NFC (title to be confirmed)
Houssem Assadi, Head of R&D Department e-Commerce and Trusted Transactions - ORANGE
• Over The Air Management of Secure NFC Applications in Commercial Phase
Sirpa Nordlund, Sales Director, Europe - VENYON

• Accelerating the NFC Infrastructure Deployment with an Innovative Add-On for Bluetooth Handsets
Jacek Kowalski, CEO - TWINLINX

• Evaluation of Application Platforms on Mobile Phones for NFC Applications

Gerald Madlmayr, Research Associate - NFC RESEARCH LAB. UNIV. HAGENBERG, Josef Langer, head of the NFC RESEARCH LAB, Josef Scharinger - Professor at Johannes Kepler University, Dominik Brandlberger - Mobile Computing Master Student - NFC RESEARCH LAB

• A Comparison of Access Control on Mobile Application Frameworks

Eric Vétillard, CTO - TRUSTED LABS

• A Universal Software Platform for Mobile Services
Cedric Thomas, Product Marketing Manager - STREAMEZZO

• Impact of Fixed, Mobile And Multimedia Convergence
Faraz Syed, CEO & Co-founder - DEVICEANYWHERE

09.00am - 12.45am
2 parallels:
• Ecosystem: Smart Mobility Security
• Applications: Smart Mobility & Transport Services
10.30am - 11.15am Coffee break - Networking - Exhibition
12.45am - 02.00pm Lunch - Networking - Exhibition
02.00pm - 04.00pm 2 parallels:
• Ecosystem: Enhancing Smart Mobility Security with Smart Security Devices
• Applications: Smart Mobility: Technology Trends & Innovations
04.00pm - 04.45pm Coffee break - Networking - Exhibition
04.45pm - 06.30pm Common Panel Discussion e-Smart & Smart Mobility: Towards trusted convergence?
08.00pm Social Event

Smart Mobility Security
Moderator: Janne Uusilehto, Head of Product Security - Nokia

Designing and developing mobile services that combine Security, Mobility and Convenience leads to rethink the approach of Digital Security. Security experts from Telecoms, Smart Cards and Web universes gather to discuss how to achieve this Smart Mobility with regards to open mobile platforms and standardization issues, and without losing view of users’ convenience.
Information Security, Business Enabler in Mobile Devices

Janne Uusilehto, Head of Nokia Product Security - NOKIA
• The Usability of Security
Tim Haysom, Chief Marketing Officer - OMTP

• Trusted Execution Environment: A Security Solution for Open Mobile Devices
Christophe Colas, Professional Services Manager - TRUSTED LOGIC

Coffee break - Networking - Exhibition

• Mobile Device Standardisation for Secure Applications Dr Florian Gawlas, SC Security Consultant - G&D

• The EPOMI Project: Open Platform Modular and Incremental Evaluation
Jean Claude Paillès, Security Expert, EPOMI Project Leader - ORANGE LABS
 Smart Mobility & Transport Services

Moderator: to be appointed

Discover and assess the latest trusted mobile applications usable in public transportation sector, in automotive context, or as a user-centric service for travellers of any kind: passengers, drivers, pedestrians… Mobile applications analysed range from fare management to solutions aimed at improving road safety, including localisation based applications.

• Does More Transparency Lead to a More Efficient Transport System?
Martin Gruber, Marketing Manager Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) - NXP SEMICONDUCTORS

• Registered Traveler Schemes Using Mobile Phones

Jonas Andersson, VP Business Development - PRECISE BIOMETRICS

• Interoperable Fare Management Using Smart Media in Transport
John Verity, Head of Compliance and Security - ITSO

Coffee break - Networking - Exhibition

• Automatics: Payment and Private Services for Automotive - Jean-Loup Depinay, Program Manager R&D Fundings, AUTOMATICS project - OBERTHUR

• Safety Relevant Services for Mobile Devices based on Cooperative Infrastructure-To-Vehicle (L2v) Communication

Martin Böhm and Alexander Frötscher, Senior Project Managers - AUSTRIATECH

• Location Aware Services on Mobile Devices - Pedestrian-Centric Content

Bruno Le Clerc, EMEA Marketing Manager, Wireless Segment, Consumer Business Unit - NAVTEQ

Enhancing Smart Mobility Security with Smart Security Devices
Moderator: to be appointed

At the interface of Digital Security and Smart Mobility, this session reviews Smart Security Devices used in mobile environments.

• The SIM card as an Enabler for Security,Privacy, and Trust in Mobile Services

Lars Schnake (speaker), R&D Software Architect and Carsten Rust, R&D Project Manager - SAGEM ORGA

• A UICC based Device Management Implementation
Davide Pratone, IC Cards Lab Manager - TELECOM ITALIA

• Integrating Mobile Devices into the ISO/IEC 24727 Infrastructure

Jan Eichholz, Security consultant - G&D, Detlef Huehnlein - SECUNET SECURITY NETWORKS, Manuel Bach - Federal Office for Information Security (BSI)

• TLS - Tandem, a Convergent Application of Smart Cards for Mobile and Web Services

Pr Pascal Urien - ENST

Coffee break - Networking - Exhibition

Smart Mobility: Technology Trends & Innovations
Moderator: to be appointed

This session gives a prospective view on the future technologies and the emerging trends in Smart Mobility.

• Using mobile phone and SIM as a multi purpose security token, case Turkcell and 13 Turkish banks  -
Juha Mitrunen, Business Development, Valimo

• Sesamonet: Mobile Navigation Services for Visually Impaired


• Adaptive Context - Aware Mobile Services - Solutions to Help Disabled People in Public Transport Systems

Xavier Aubry, CEO and Hossein Rahnama, Director of Research and Innovation (speaker) - APPEAR NETWORKS Research Labs North America; Gregory Isabelli, Research Coordinator - RATP

• An Intelligent Cooperative Platform for Enhancing Drivers' Perception on a Highway Environment (to be confirmed)
Dr. Christos Katsis, Researcher, Technical manager - University of Ioannina, George Rigas, PhD Student - University of Ioannina, Panagiota Bougia, Technical manager - University of Ioannina, Prof. Dimitrios Fotiadis, Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science - University of Ioannina

Coffee break - Networking - Exhibition

 Common Panel Discussion e-Smart & Smart Mobility:

Towards Trusted Convergence?

Can Consumer and Citizen Centric Services happen without Trustable Communication Technologies?

Moderated by: Mario Hoffmann, Head of Department "Secure Mobile Systems SIMS" - Fraunhofer  SIT

As Trust has been the key building material of the “traditional” Smart Security sector, the emerging global communication industry shall not be realized without trust in every part of the puzzle.
To earn the trust of all stakeholders, from investors, industry shareholders, content providers to consumers or citizens, the new ecosystem based on convergent technologies has to be proven secure and dependable.
Common to the “e-Smart” and “Smart Mobility” conferences, this panel debate will tackle theses issues. With a central question: how will a trusted converged world of communications, media, entertainment and other services emerge, from standards and technology frameworks perspective?

Issues addressed:

1/ The areas of convergence between (Smart) Digital Security technologies and (Mobile) Telecoms & IT technologies
Review of the technologies enabling this convergence: trusted personal devices, smart tokens, multi-applications SIM cards, contactless, NFC, etc. What are the latest developments? What is the place and role of the SIM in this landscape? Standardisation issues. Where are these technologies heading to?

2/ Trusted mobile applications & services

Is the openness of the Internet compatible with secure mobile platforms and devices? Constraints of the customer centric approach? How market expectations are taken into account? Who are the new players in the arena? Standardisation and regulation issues.

3/ Towards “mobile & trusted ecosystems”

Are the numerous players ready to cooperate? (players from digital security, telecoms, content providers/enablers, finance, entertainment, health, transport services as well as government bodies) How and When? What about the Trusted Service Managers? Best real cases and lessons learned.

Envisioned panellists:
- Michael Brown, Director, Program management Global Security Group - RIM
- Roger Dean, Executive Director - EEMA
- Alain Esterle, Security Expert - ENISA - Head of Technical Department
- Aymeric Harmand, NFC Product Manager - Oberthur Technologies
- Thomas E Hissam, Mobile Payment Subject Matter expert - IBM Global Business Services
- Janne Uusilehto, Head of Product Security - Nokia
- ETSI (to be confirmed)
• Social Event:

Gala Dinner at the “Château de la Bégude

The Gala Dinner provides multiple networking and peer-to-peer connections.

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09.00am - 12.45am
Ecosystem: Smart Mobile Payment & Banking Services
10.30am - 11.15am Coffee break - Networking - Exhibition

 Smart Mobile Payment & Banking Services

Moderator: to be appointed

The highest level of trust required by payment and cash transactions is seriously challenging the “incumbent” Digital Security approach. In addition to contactless payment issues, various m-payment methods are assessed here, from nationwide SIM-based PKI to future enhancements of the m- payment services provided by the banks or MNO and solutions based on mobile multimedia broadcast services.
Tying MIDlets into third Party Applications for Value-Added Services
Thomas Hissam
, Mobile Payment Subject Matter expert - IBM GLOBAL BUSINESS SERVICES
• Why and how Belgian banks and operators launched a mobile payment solution together in Belgium
Bernard Van Der Lande, Director of New business development and Technologies, ATOS WORLDLINE

• Managing Secure Mobile Payment Applications within the NFC Ecosystem

Chakib Bouda, Technical Project Manager - BELL ID

• Orange Deployment of m-Payment in Africa

Houssem Assadi, Head of R&D Department e-Commerce and Trusted Transactions - ORANGE

• Contactless Payments for Cash Replacement: The EMV "Killer" Application in Global Markets
Charles Walton, EVP Payments - INSIDE CONTACTLESS

Coffee break - Networking

• Tying MIDlets into third Party Applications for Value-Added Services

Thomas E. Hissam
, Mobile Payment Subject Matter expert - IBM GLOBAL BUSINESS SERVICES

• EPCAS: an EPurse-enabled CAS for CMMB
Sean Xiang Gao, Vice President - WATCHDATA

• SIM-enabled Mobile Payment System Based on Nation - Wide PKI (FinEID)

Dr Elena Trichina, Senior Member of Technical Staff, System Engineering - SPANSION

End of Smart Mobility 2008 - no lunch

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