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General goals

The strategic objective of the MEDEA+ Onom@topic+ project is to provide a complete technical platform and a framework enabling the European Governments to issue interoperable documents (Citizen Card, Electronic Identity, Visas or Passport documents) for electronic identification or authentication and for access to e-Services. Build around a strong industrial partnership involving all key players in the field, the project ambition is to spread its results in most European countries, including some of the 10 recent new EU entrants.

More especially the major objectives of the project are as follows:

1. To issue specifications and develop basic HW and embedded SW components for a platform hosting a generic set of functions and founded on an adaptable architecture catering to any e-Service likely to be deployed by European Government (Daily Life Card, eID Card, Health Card, travel document, etc).

2. To ensure the interoperability of the targeted platform not only within a restricted national boundary but also with a cross-border capability, so that forthcoming electronic services may be shared upon Governments' agreement, as well as upon smart card communities' agreement

3. To consolidate the ongoing standardization work that is dedicated to the European Citizen Card and that is held under the guidance of CEN (e.g. CEN TC 224/WG15), as well as to ensure the compatibility with international committees/organizations' requirements (e.g. ICAO) namely in the field of Electronic passports and biometrics. A special mention is to be made for chip embedded biometrics performances as objectives in terms of memory resources, algorithms and verification processing speed.

4. To apply to ensure the adaptation of the targeted platform to support evolving features such as high speed USB technology, contactless and dual interfaces (using for example the recent NFC standards or the VHDR technology), biometric identification parameters.

5. To design and validate silicon basic building blocs tailored to the targeted specifications. These integrated electronic functions will enable the development of ICs suitable for the applications requirements and the manufacturing of relevant HW platforms.

Expected impact

Onom@Topic+, will provide the opportunity for European Public Authorities to develop the technology platform needed in Europe (cf e-Europe 2010) for supporting the mass deployment of electronic services for citizens, providing technical and practical accommodations for the Administration. The project will so concentrate on the specific needs of European Administrations such as convenience, ease of deployment, security, interoperable standards lined-up with the acquired characteristics and proven options offered by technologies.

Onom@Topic+ consortium and scope of usages

The Onom@Topic+ consortium incorporates all key players from the European smart-card industry: smart-card manufacturers (Axalto, Gemplus, Oberthur CS), silicon founders, (STMicroelectronics, Philips Semiconductors), electronic design companies (ID3 semiconductors), biometrics specialists (Precise Biometrics), software and services companies (Esterel Technologies, OKsystem, CompuWorx), security laboratories (CEA-Leti). and Consumer Electronics laboratories (Innovation Lab of Philips CE).

The project will deliver both specifications, contributions to European and International standards, benchmark test tools, silicon ICs, SW reference platforms and dedicated prototypes.